70 years of Italian Republic

On the 2nd of June 2016, the Italian Republic proclaimed by referendum turns 70, an important date because it marked the first time women votation. The weather is usually warm and many events are usually planned during this Italian holiday, which is an ideal period to visit some historic places in our beautiful Country.

Terre di Canossa

Due-querce-frecce-tricoloriLe Terre di Canossa near Reggio Emilia are among the sites that you can visit to admire many castles, including Bianello Castle, and other centers and monuments which testify not only the influence of a historical figure as Matilde, but also the Renaissance and its architectural heritage. Matilda was the only heir of the powerful Canossa family, who ruled over Italy from Tuscany to Lake Garda with firmness and great character. Her life, faith in the church and tough stance in defending it have survived to the present day and are still remembered by people from this area.

Just behind the 2nd of June, traditionally the last Sunday of May, there is the commemoration of the coronation of Matilda. The event takes place with ancient costumes, accompanied by a flag-wavers show, drummers and other musicians, starting from Bianello hill to  the center of the parish church (Quattro Castella).

Around Reggio Emilia you can visit many charming old villages: Guastalla, Correggio, Scandiano, San Martino in Rio, Novellara, filled with museums and stately mansions reminiscent of the reign of the Este Family.

Leisure in Reggio Emilia

The Terre di Canossa, and in particular those around Reggio Emilia, offer an opportunity to spend your free time in different ways. For example, with a walk through the markets and periodic fairs, exhibitions of painting and sculpture, theater, music and themed exhibitions and festivals. You can also get to know the famous Emilia-Romagna cuisine. In fact, our history also involves the typical dishes of this area.

Typical local dishes

Among the typical dishes to taste absolutely if you find yourself in the Terre di Canossa there are: tortellini with broth, fresh hand stuffed pasta, erbazzone based on rice and vegetables, fried gnocchi, parmesan cheese wet balsamic vinegar from Modena, the pumpkin risotto, our amazing roasts, and much more.

So if you want to have a sensory experience of these and other flavors, you have no choice but to book at Locanda Le Due Querce in the province of Reggio Emilia and enjoy real traditional cuisine of the Terre di Canossa.