Autumn and seasonal products: pumpkin and chestnuts

Autumn does not only bring lower temperatures and shorter days … in fact it is a season full of wonderful colors and fruits. After several months with a record heat it’s nice to put on a warm sweather, boots and go for some nice walk in the hills or mountains, then go home and sit for dinner in front of a hot dish .. what do you think?

Here at Locanda Le Due Querce we love to exalt the goodness of our local products, with traditional and new recipes and, among our favorite seasonal ingredients, we never miss pumpkin and chestnuts!


Imported from Asia by the Romans, chestnuts have been part of the Italian tradition for centuries now! le-due-querce-castagne-10-18Throughout history, they occupied a central place in the diet of peasants and mountain people, who could hardly buy grain or meat. Today, chestnuts are used in the kitchen in many different ways: fresh, in the form of flour, iced … and more!

The different types of chestnuts are more or less suitable for various uses. For example: marroni chestnuts, larger and rich in pulp, are ideal to be eaten whole, while the classic chestnuts are best suited for the production of flour.

That said, only in our Apennines can you find dozens of types of chestnuts, such as Biancherina, Ceppa, Molana or Rossola, all to discover … and taste!


Pumpkin is not only exquisitely sweet and versatile, it is also the largest vegetable found in nature and is native to Central America (where seeds of 6000 B.C. were found!!).

This ancient vegetable IS GOOD for your health, because:

– it is a source of Vitamin A, which helps the body to fight infections, and other micronutrients that strengthen the immune system

– it is rich in fibers, minerals and vitamins but low in calories

– thanks to the presence of fibers, helps reduce the risk of heart problems

– has strong antioxidant properties linked to the presence of beta-carotene

But not only: there are many varieties of pumpkin, which lend themselves well to both sweet and savory recipes. In addition, even the seeds, oil and flowers are really delicious!


So .. how can you do without these wonderful fruits of autumn? We wait for you at the Locanda to taste them!