Emilia in the myth. Enzo Ferrari Museum and Exhibition Vasco Rossi.

If Italians have been defined as “people of saints, poets and navigators“, in Emilia Romagna we can’t avoid dreaming of the roar of the Ferrari and singing the lyrics of a poet of rock, Vasco Rossi. The founding father of the most famous “horse” in the world, together with the incomparable rocker, are two of the myths of this region, our national pride for a long time. So much that, for both, two exhibitions were set up: an exhibition inside the Enzo Ferrari Museum, and an exhibition in honor of Vasco Rossi, inaugurated in the year in which the artist from Romagna celebrates its 40-year career.

Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

le-due-querce-modena-mostra-ferrariIt is titled “Driving with the stars” the exhibition held at the Museum Enzo Ferrari in Modena, and its intention is precisely to guide visitors through the 70 years of history of the this car and, at the same time, let them get on board the most beautiful Ferrari, driven by celebrities. Not just a parade of vintage cars, then, but a trip of luxury, sophistication, power, star system, glitter of Hollywood and the elite of the jet-set.

Among the cars that embellish this exhibition, unique in the world, there is also the first Ferrari made known to the public of international exhibitions: the 166 MM. You will also be able to see other jewelry products by Maranello such as the hypercar LaFerrari open, which gives a nod to the lines of the past but with all of this and so exceptional performance hi-tec that seem to belong to the future.

Exhibition dedicated to Vasco Rossi in Modena from May the 13th to the 2nd of July

Nostalgic or not, Millennials or boys from the 80s, it is enought to love music to be attracted to the exhibition in honor of Vasco Rossi, italian rock star who since 40 years fills the hearts of fans and stadiums. In the enormousle-due-querce-vasco-rossi-mostra exhibition space of the Forum Boario of Modena-Park (Modena), you can experience a historical overview of the singer’s career, as well as recall, or discover, eras that framed his musical achievements and that they have so perfectly captured.

The exhibition promises thechance to live, thanks to virtual technology, the thrill of going on stage and enter the Vasco concerts backstage, or join him in the recording studio. You can also view its “treasure”, composed by musical instruments, photos, early drafts of the text that have become milestones songs, and even prizes, awards, gold and platinum records, and much more.

All this, to be seen accompanied with an unforgettable soundtrack of course made by Vasco Rossi.