Hermitage of Bismantova: fall and trails

Hermitage of Our Lady of the Stone Bismantova is in the Tosco Emiliano appenine, and the locals simply call it the Stone. This place is located not far from the center of the Municipality of Castelnovo ne ‘Monti and it attracts many tourists who want to see the enchanting natural landscape. Moreover, it is a destination also reached by many climbers who love the rock faces.


Historical background

According to historical records, the earliest evidence linked to the Hermitage date back to 1411. A recent settlement is that of the group of Benedictine monks from the Monastery of San Giovanni Evangelista in Parma, who replace the Hermits of the Third Franciscan Order. In fact, this place has been a pilgrimage destination since 1617, because of some miraculous events that took place through the intercession of the Virgin Mary.


le-due-querce-passeggiate-bismantovaPaths and trails

The specific feature of this mountain is to have a rounded profile, which allows you to program routes in all seasons of the year: it really is a natural and cultural landscape for everyone. Thanks to well-organized network of paths you can walk around the ridge on foot or by bike. The same applies to the winter season, during which you can make fabulous walks in snowshoes, the practice of alpine skiing, alpine and Nordic skiing.

The National Park of the Tosco-Emiliano boasts a wealth of environments such as grasslands, heaths, ponds, lakes and waterfalls. Botanical rarities in this park make these places real natural botanic gardens. At the same time the fauna is very rich: among the animals you can find the wolf, the mouflon, roe deer and golden eagles.
The Bismantova National Park in collaboration with the Regional Health Service and the Association of the Mountain Heart they have devised routes for all people, even for those suffering from heart disease or the elderly.


SHINING Mountains

In particular, the Bismantova area is involved in a project that promotes the use of endogenous potential of the mountain areas involved, with the aim of revitalizing the territories. SHINING Mountains, which stands for Sport and Health as an Innovative Initiaive for the Growth of Mountains, also promotes the strengthening of managerial skills of local authorities involved in tourism, in order to create a more organized system and capable of complete and integrated offerings.