History and routes in the valley of the rivers Secchia and Dragone

Our beautiful region is irrigated by spectacular rivers, that not only are they creating breathtaking views but also allow leakage from the city in Fiume-Secchia1natural cozy and pleasant locationts, drawing feasible paths and offering refreshments to walkers. The Inn Le Due Querce is located in the valley between two beautiful rivers: the river Dragone and Secchia.

The river Secchia is the second most important tributary on the right side of the Po and extends for over 170 kilometers. The Secchia, which in the typical dialect of Modena and Reggio Emilia is called “Sècia”, has is source in the Succiso Alps, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine at an altitude of 1,450 meters. Imposing and rugged mountains surrounding its source, that flows in many streams on the green plain below, where you can meet deer, foxes and deer.

Like many Italian rivers, the Secchia alternates periods of massive floods in dry periods during the warmer months. In so-called berlete, the river bed where for years no more water runs through and that was overgrown, once people used to bring cattle grazing. The Secchia has contributed to the welfare of the villages and surrounding towns thanks to the many canals that enabled the irrigation and agriculture.

In 2003 was inaugurated the provincial bike path along the river Secchia, which allows local and tourists to walk the river bank enjoying the scenery in comfort. The track is part of the nature trail of the Secchia, which extends for 35 km from Modena to the Pescale cliff along the river. Fiume-Secchia2Covering it go up the river away from traffic and enjoying nature without polluting it for a pleasant trip will help you discover the natural side of the area. You can access the trail with the bike from Ducale Park in Sassuolo, or from the cross of St. Michael-Castellarano. On the way you will find several signs with information about places of interest and tips for less experienced cyclists.

It is right in Cerredolo, where you will find our inn, that Secchia meets Dolo and Dragone streams and defines the boundaries between Reggio Emilia and Modena. The Dragone, according to the locals, owes its name to the fact that in the past, it could bring such a large amount of water to make a great noise and sweep away all that was. Legend has it that the Dragon has roared during the reconstruction of the bridge Vitriola destroying the temporary bridge built by engineers who had not wanted to listen to the advice of the elders of the place.

In Cerredolo during summer it is not unusual to find on the banks of the Secchia bathers and fishermen who enjoy the cool water of the rivers. Tired of river water? Enjoy our pool with sun beds and all the comforts that lovers of relaxation may desire!


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