Holidays in September, cultural cues with the Transromanian road and the cathedral of Modena

A wonderful opportunity to organize a weekend in Reggio-Emilian region in contact with nature is to discover, in September, a path on the Transromanica route and go to discover the cathedral of Modena.

Who has decided to stay in the ‘Locanda Le Due Querce’, in addition to enjoying a natural environment that is ideal for eliminating stress and fatigue, has found a good base for discovering the Transromanica road.

But exactly what are we talking about?

The word ‘Transromanica’ includes the Romanesque heritage which represents the common denominator of eight European countries, starting with the Baltic Sea, reaching the Mediterranean.
We speak of a virtual path that summarizes the Romanesque artistic heritage typical of a period of the Middle Ages. There are over 250 important sites that, through churches, castles, cathedrals and fortifications, express the style that has been the trait-d’union among different people across Europe.

le-due-querce-duomo-di-modenaFrom the Locanda Le Due Querce it is easy and quick to reach nearby Modena where in Piazza Grande there is the Duomo and the annexed Ghirlandina tower, awarded by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. These two attractions represent the acme of Romanesque art in Emilia together with the fortified Rocca di Vignola and the church of San Michele in Nonantola.

Dedicating a half day to the visit of the Modena Cathedral is something to be budgeted so you will not miss the opportunity to know this cathedral dating back to the end of the year thousand. The Duomo, dedicated to the Assumption, preserves the remains of St. Geminiano patron of the city of which he was bishop in the 4th century AD. Discovering the treasures of the sculptor Wiligelmo kept in this place of worship is just the beginning of the knowledge of a style that, after centuries, does not go unnoticed at all.

Take advantage of a stay at the Locanda Le Due Querce during the month of October is also an opportunity to stay pleasantly involved in the traditional Festival of October that this year will be held from Saturday the 7th to the evening of Sunday 8 in Piazza Don Giulio Vincenzi in Cerredolo / Toano. In this weekend, there will be a market where there will be also stands of restaurants where you can taste the true Emilian cuisine. Music, dance and animation will be a corollary to this festival that recalls many tourists.