How to recognize, collect and cook the porcino mushroom

The porcini is considered the king of mushrooms, and there are 4 varieties:

  • Boletus edulis (porcini)
  • Aereus boletus (porcini black)
  • Boletus pinicola (porky pines)
  • Boletus aestivalis (porcine summer)

All four varieties have very similar characteristics between them, but how can we recognize the porcino among many mushrooms?
The porcino has a round and fleshy hat of various shades of brown depending on the variety of belonging and from the place where it grows. If the porcino is young, under the hat it is white, while you can find shades of green for the older ones. The skin that covers the hat is moist and sticky to the touch, while the stem is very strong with a predominance of white and brown on some nuances.


How to collect the mushroomsLocanda-Le-Due-Querce-fungo-pocino-ricette

The mushrooms are born in the woods with mainly chestnut, beech, oak and pine trees also. When you find a porcino you need to pick it without causing soil damage and clean it quickly with a knife. Whoever is preparing the mushroom should be aware of certain safety measures to respect the environment and safeguard their health:

  • Many of the mushrooms have poisonous look-alike so it is good to recognize what are the poisonous mushrooms.
  • Do not pick mushrooms newborn because they are easily confused with other protected species.
  • Do not pick too old mushrooms because they may be rotten.
  • Collect the fungus in whole without causing harm to the soil and to clean it summarily to make sure that the spores remain on the ground.
  • Once collected the fungus is deposited in a basket drive but ventilated to avoid a fast decomposition.
  • If you encounter poisonous mushrooms or of which you are uncertain you should not destroy them because they also have their importance in nature.
  • If you collect mushrooms that do not know them analyzed by experts in the field.
  • Wear clothing suitable for the forest, such as boots or boots and bring with them a stick.
  • Do not leave trash in the woods.


Now let’s see how to cook the mushrooms with a couple of tasty recipes with porcino mushroom that you can try in our Locanda Le Due Querce.


Recipe of tagliatelle with porcini (makes 4 servings)

  • 380 grams of noodles preferably egg
  • 500/600 grams of mushrooms
  • A couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • A bunch of parsley
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Clean the mushrooms thoroughly with a knife to remove the stem earthy and use a toothbrush to remove any excess of soil from each part of the fungus. Cut the mushrooms into small cubes and fry in a large frying pan with oil and garlic and saute for about ten minutes until it is tender. Season with salt and pepper and add the chopped parsley and turn off the flame.
Boil noodles and, when cooked, toss in the pan with the mushrooms for a few minutes and serve hot.


Recipe Pumpkin soup with mushrooms (ingredients for 4 people)

  • 200 grams of pumpkin
  • 250 grams of mushrooms
  • 80 grams of bacon
  • 100 grams of cottage cheese
  • 2 onions
  • 1/2 cup white wine
  • A knob of butter
  • Extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • Bread
  • Salt, pepper and red pepper to taste.

Heat oil and butter and add the diced bacon and onions into slices and let the whole season over medium heat for a few minutes. Add the sliced ​​mushrooms and sprinkle with half a glass of wine. Unite, then, the pumpkin cut dadoni and a pinch of salt. Cover with water and cook with the lid until the soup thickens, and the pumpkin is sufficiently cooked. At this point you can add the ricotta and mix all together for 30 seconds with an immersion blender. Regularly salt it and unite, if index, red pepper and black pepper. Cut the bread and bake to create croutons. Put the soup in the plates with the croutons and a drizzle of olive oil.


World Championship of the Porcino
Every year, in October, in Cerreto Laghi (Reggio Emilia) it is organized an event completely dedicated to porcini. This event is characterized by a competition with the theme porcini, you can spend a couple of nights in our Locanda to participate to the competition!