Knowing and Living the Appennine with a camper

If you are looking for a holiday without restriction of time or distance and you do not want to be tied to timetables and itineraries, the camper is the ideal medium for your travels. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to go to places away from traffic where there are never high temperatures. These two factors are very important to spend your vacation in relaxation and in contact with nature.

Moreover, thanks to the camper, you can discover small towns and villages of rare beauty that are not part of the so-called mass tourism. Usually, these places offer hidden jewels and the opportunity to enjoy local specialties and visit attractions at lower prices than the major cities. The perfect way to get to know and live in the Apennines is to ride in the camper.

We offer a number of wonderful routes to visit places of extraordinary beauty and immersed in greenery. The itineraries are made to satisfy any need. You can choose from historical-cultural, naturalistic and hiking routes and for those who are looking for a taste of the italian culinary tradition you will find pastry, food and wine routes.Le-due-querce-agosto17-gite-in-camper

There are different routes according to the area you prefer and your personal interests. The Piacenza area offers two historic, naturalistic and enogastronomic routes. The other areas are Rimini, Cesena-Forlì, Modena, Bologna, Ferrara, Reggio Emilia, Parma and Ravenna. All areas have the three types of itinerary excluding Rimini that does not offer the naturalistic one. We report Reggio Emilia-Poviglio, Reggio Emilia-Cerreto d’Alpi and Reggio Emilia-Scandi.

If you want to know about unpublished details about Reggio Emilia and its surroundings and to know where there are festivals, folklore events or local attractions, your place is Locanda Le Due Querce. In addition to enjoy our dishes prepared by skilled hands in full respect of the Emilian culinary tradition, you will be able to hear interesting stories about the origins of local villages, legends and details.