Paths, children and nature

Staying at the Locanda Le Due Querce with children is ideal for a relaxing holiday in nature. The location is perfect to visit the wonders of the province of Reggio Emilia. Not far from our Inn flows the Secchia, a stream of the largest tributaries of the Po.

One of the areas that kids prefer is doubtlessly the huge lawn that is located in the valley of the river sources. Green grass out of sight where to run, play ball and roll. The place is unique, also lends itself to a pleasant picnic with the whole family.

The stop in the field is a must, but first you need to get there. There are hiking trails, with easy routes suitable for children. The continuous discovery that marks every step fascinates children. The Alpe di Succiso is one of the highest peaks of the North, but the trails that go up are not tiring. Between forests and meadows you will be able to find and taste many raspberries, of which the children are greedy. To get to the source of the Secchia there are le-due-querce-gite-reggio-emilia-bambiniprecise and clearly visible indications. At one point the rears climb, but the trait is not long and then you get to the last part of a long path, strictly on the flat, to the delight of young and old.

Once you get in the car to the Passo del Cerreto you proceed along the paths led on foot. There are points of view from which to observe not only the mountains and the flora but also the fauna. Birds, ibex and chamois, all to watch, when they show up, strictly from a distance.

A couple of hours of walking to destination at 1500 meters above sea level, in one of the most beautiful glacial valleys. The small stream from which the water flows, which after a long journey ends in the main Italian river is clear and fresh. Very good to drink. Actually form the Secchia contribute different streams, which create small waterfalls.

The surrounding mountains are covered of snow all year round. It was the ice, after all, to dig the valley. Today, however, the glaciers in the mountains on no longer exist. But the landscape reserves still great emotions.

Around the large lawn there are small paths that enter into nature by reserving pleasant adventures for children.

In the Napoleonic era it had been erected a memorial stone, torn at the emperor’s fall, to witness the greatness of Napoleon. You might notice the French border, which once included part of the Apennines. History also affects children, perhaps making stories most curious and captivating.

Both in summer and in autumn the visit to the Secchia sources is recommended, children will be happy.