Paths of history and spirituality between Modena and Reggio Emilia

Locanda Le Due Querce is located in the province of Reggio Emilia, in an area in which nature is the real protagonist and ancient villages underpin an area among the most fascinating of Italy. It is a perfect location for lovers of nature, history and religious traditions, with many places to visit and activities for families, sports enthusiasts and tourists!

The roads of the pilgrims

The tracks beaten by pilgrims sailed places considered sacred and in which it was possible to get in touch with the Lord. The spiritual quest and desire to restore their inner peace was the main ingredient of these penitential paths, pass through rural areas of immense beauty and along which it is possible to enjoy the most complete tranquility.

Emilia Romagna is discovering many of these paths and now offers the possibility to visit at least a dozen of them, whose peculiarities are represented by a strong spiritual -as well as natural and historical- call. Among the most interesting tourist and religious paths and next to the area in which is located the Locanda, figure the ancient Via Matilde di Canossa, also called the Faith Way. The route connects Mantua to Lucca, crossing from north to south, the province of Reggio Emilia and the Tosco-Emiliano Apennine, historical places, ancient churches, stone villages and castles.

In Modena runs the Via Romea Nonantolana, inserted in the project called Routes of Europe, which includes the most interesting historical and tourist sites of the old continent. The route starts in Nonantola, home to a wonderful Benedictine abbey, and along the path intercepts numerous monuments and medieval castles.

Holy Doorsle-due-querce-duomo-reggio-emilia

Emilia Romagna also has many Holy Doors, ideal culmination of a journey of faith that leads to the encounter with Christ, the only true door of salvation. The extraordinary 2016 Jubilee transcends the boundaries of the Vatican and is celebrated everywhere, through the ritual opening of churches and cathedrals, as in the case of the shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ghiara and Reggio Emilia Cathedral, both located in the capital of province. Even then Fiorano is a Holy Door, at the eponymous shrine.

Recurrence of April 25: Emilia and Resistance

In the months that separated the armistice by Liberation, dated April 25, 1945, Reggio Emilia was occupied by German troops, daily faced by the partisan brigades. In Reggio Emilia, two educational trails offer the possibility of a walk through the most significant places: one is dedicated to the partisan resistance, the other to the systematic and tragic Nazi repression. Reggio Emilia counted more than 10,000 partisans who faced the Germans especially in the Apennines, the chosen location of the Emilian resistance.