Peasant traditions and polenta of October!

Here at Locanda Le Due Querce we are lovers of novelties … but we also love local traditions, especially rural traditions, which come from the inhabitants of our beautiful lands.

Contrary to what can be expected, the popular tradition of this region is characterized by elegance and refinement that we find, for example, in the Carnival of Benedello, where the protagonists are colorful dancers with long conical hats. Then there are several local fairies, in the spring, that celebrate literature, poetry and music with evocative and meticulously studied demonstrations and representations.

But the italian folklore of this region does not end here. Some splendid examples of our agricultural and peasant traditions are celebrated in locations such as:

San Martino in Rio, where you can visit the Museum of Agriculture and participate in pressing in Piasa where you will taste the products of local wineries

Correggio, in which the Fiera di San Luca and the “Correggio in Autunno” event celebrate the traditions and farm products of the area

le-due-querce-polenta-10-18But is there any better way to celebrate traditions… than by tasting local dishes?

Here at the Locanda Le Due Querce the polenta season has opened! Polenta is a delicious cereal flour that, cooked in water, becomes an exquisite winter dish! Perfect to combine with meat, mushrooms, cheese and fish, polenta is an ancient dish and can be served soft, hard (in the form of bricks), fried or drowned in melted butter.

Typical of these parts is the polenta of Tossignano, made with a mixture of corn flours, served hard and seasoned with pork meat sauce and parmesan cheese.

Do you want to try our delicious polenta and visit the local wonders while staying in our comfortable rooms? We are waiting for you!