Reggio-Emilia cycling: the parks cycleways

The province of Reggio Emilia is one of the richest of bike paths. Thanks to the presence of several protected areas and the choice to increase as much as possible sustainable tourism, in fact, we now have many streets closed to cars, that also non-experts cyclists can use to combine the pleasure of a healthy sport to naturalistic knowledge of territory.

Right near Reggio Emilia passes one of these tracks, among the best known and appreciated: the bike lane of the Secchia River, which winds through a path of 92 km from Modena in Mantua. Pedaling on all or just a part of this bike path is a unique opportunity to discover a fascinating world full of history.

Le-due-querce-biciclettaAmong paths marked in the fields and short sections of roads with hardly any traffic, you can follow the river, to admire its beauty, and explore a high nature value reserve, which is called Cassa di Espansione del fiume Secchia. It is a series of basins, about two hundred hectares in total, which were built at the end of 1970 which control water of the river. Over time they have become an excellent habitat of species animals, including many birds that nest there regularly, and as such deserve a walk.

Here it is possible to make a complete circle around the marshy waters, to observe, as well, the different souls of the protected area: the reeds from the woods, the typical marsh vegetation and maybe stop for a healthy break, doing the birdwatching.

The bike lane of the Secchia is just one of 10 arranged along the axis that runs from Piacenza to Forlì, all filled in parks and natural reserves of great beauty, which are known by the name of cycleways parks. To the south of the already known bike lane of the Secchia River, we find that of Parco dei Sassi, in the protected area of ​​Roccamalatina followed by:

  • The path of Gessi di Gaibola, within the park Gessi Bolognesi and gullies of the Abbess;
  • The path Della Memoria, in the historical park of Monte Sole;
  • The path of Monteveglio, with the homonymous Abbey;
  • The path of Gessi, in the Romagna Chalk Vein Park.

To the north of Reggio Emilia there are the Stirone, homonymous Park; Taro, with its riverside park; the path of the Carrega Woods, located in the park of the same name.

Tourists and inhabitants of the areas in question can go to the discovery of these protected areas by taking advantage of the various events that are program from now until the end of summer. It is Itinerando Emilia Romagna, which sees some 170 initiatives on the bill, starring the bicycle. In June, there are, therefore, many more reasons to discover a region that is among the greenest in Italy.