Searching porcini mushroom in Italy

Porcini mushroom seekers know the secrets of this fun hobby, which allows you to enjoy this delicious mushroom with different preparations. Porcini grow in the woods between 700 and 1000 m of altitude, best if exposed to the north, as it is the wetest slope.

Around our Locanda, there are well known mushrooms areas in the various mountains, which begin to produce porcini after a period of relative heat followed by rains. The growth of porcini can be very fast, within a few hours or at most a day, so you have to go back to the same places to check. They usually grow close to plants such as chestnut trees, oaks, beech trees, pine trees in both flat and steep areas.Le-Due-Querce-funghi-porcini

In 2015 a record-breaking porcino of 2 kg and 350 g was found in Garfagnana, which was consumed by a large group of friends, made into pieces, breaded and fried.

On September the 16th, at the Inn, we presented the Dinner Menu with King Porcino … Discover how to cook two of the dishes!

Porcini are very versatile in the kitchen and the suggestion is to consume it fresh to keep the typical aroma. Here are two very tasty recipes with which to enjoy them, such as risotto and pork fillet with porcini mushrooms.

How to cook porcini: risotto

For risotto you will have to prepare a vegetable broth and in the meantime clean about 300 g of mushrooms. Aside, pluck a clove of garlic and a pinch of chili, then add the mushrooms cut thinly.

After about 10 minutes pour the rice and let it toast and flavor stirring occasionally. Add a spoon of broth and continue until the rice absorbs it. After about 15 minutes it will be cooked and you can keep it with a nut of butter and a handful of Parmesan cheese.

Porcine piglet fillet

You will need 600 g of piglet fillet and 250 g of porcini. Prepare an aromatic dressing in a bowl with chopped sage and rosemary, salt and extra virgin olive oil and marinate the piglets for 30 minutes.
Place the meat in a non-stick frying pan with the addition of 3 tablespoons of Evo oil and let it bake, rolling it for 10 minutes.

At this point, combine a glass of liqueur red wine and let it slightly evaporate. Add the porcini and cook for 20 minutes, then remove the meat and add a tablespoon of flour with 100 ml of cooking cream. Mix until you have made a nice sauce and come back to put the pork fillet in the pot. After about 5 minutes you can serve very hot, to enjoy a delicious and creamy fillet of porcini.