Snow and winter sports on the Appennins

During the winter months it is more likely to spend the weekend in the mountains, because winter is one of the seasons that sports fans prefer. Our area offers beautiful views and trails perfect for sports activities and to put together fun and relaxation.

In fact, among the areas where you can find these features, you can find the mountains of our Apennines. Usually when people think of a holiday or a day on the snow in our Country, they prefer to spend it on the more famous Alps, which are doubtlessy wonderful nature reserves, but which are also a lot more expensive.

In these cases just think that in Italy there is a wide choice and that you can Le-due-querce-sci-appennino-tosco-emilianofind other mountains full of beauty. The Tuscan-Emilian Apennines boasts the presence of four peaks with a moderate height, in fact they are greater than 2000 meters. When the peaks reach these heights, it is possible to practice winter sports.

Mount Cusna, Mount Cimone, Alpe di Succiso, and the mountain Prado are the peaks of the Apennines and they offer the opportunity to take advantage of the trails and picnic areas as well as to carry out the activities that you prefer. Among winter sports skiing is certainly the most beloved. The Tuscan-Emilian Apennines has about 3000 km of ski slopes where you can enjoy winter sports disciplines.

Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding can be practiced both for navigating snowy distances of funds, and for the joy of whizzing down the tops of the peaks at a really surprising speed. The trails are well-equipped and the personnel controls the visitors so that the system always remains safe, especially for children.

The High Apennine is therefore a base for winter entertainment, a place where lovers of winter activities can find the possibility to enjoy the sports they love, is home to countless experiences that visitors can live thanks to the experts who guide them through trails and picnic areas. The fun certainly is not lacking, from skiing to Nordic walking, or walking through the Apennines with snowshoes, visitors can choose to live a unique and fulfilling.

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