The appennines in winter between snowshoes and trekking

The sparkling winter days are perfect for discovering the hidden trails in the Apennines of Emilia Romagna. Get ready with your snow rackets and backpack: here are some of the most enchanting itineraries of Emilia Romagna.

Trekking in the province of Modena

Locanda Le Due Querce in Toano is an excellent base for those who want to know the region. The warm and refined atmosphere offers all the comforts and easy access to the most important routes.

The first idea is the Ninfa Lake – I Taburri

The itinerary is stunning. It starts from the Passo del Lupo and takes 2 hours. The ground is clayey and must be treated with caution avoiding the rainy days. Near the Rifugio Taburri you can admire the Doccione waterfall, of tectonic origin and active throughout the year. During the winter season it is not unusual to see it covered with ice: the effect is magical.

Another great excursion for snowshoes is the Passo delle Radici – Sant’Annapelago Le-due-querce-trekking2017

The starting point is the historic wakehouse and it takes about 4 hours (if you want to go through the whole path). The beginning is of great historical and landscape interest, while a small detour leads to the village of San Pellegrino in Alpe where the church rises with the mummified bodies of San Pellegrino and San Bianco and where is located the Ethnographic Museum of Peasant Civilization. Along the ridge, the views are breathtaking. There are other possibilities, such as the walks of Montecreto, Ospitale, San Pellegrino in the Alps and Riolunato.

Trekking in the province of Reggio Emilia

Great snowshoe excursions can be done following one of the many trails in Cerreto lakes. The area around the lake does not have large slopes and is suitable for both experts and neophytes. Cerreto Alpi – Collagna is another quiet path of about 3 and a half hours. You leave Cerreto and cross the provincial road passing through the old post office or go along the CAI 679 path. There is also the variant that leads from Passo Cerreto to Cerreto Alpi. In winter, however, it is preferable to rely on expert guides .

The Lagastrello – Scalucchia hiking route begins with the Ducati Trail and the CAI 659 and changes until it reaches the Path. It is one of the most exciting because it intercepts the ice circles of the Succiso Alpe and the environments dug out of secular waters. The Rifugio Segheria Abetina Reale-Passo delle Radici is another path to try.

In 4 hours and 30 minutes you will meet the Source of the Partisans, the step of the Giovarello and the Recover Le Maccherie. There are two alternatives for climbing the Radic Pass: alternative routes including the Bibulca Way and those specializing in snowshoes.