The italian truffle of Reggio Emilia

Erroneously people use to think that the regions of Italy with the biggest production of truffles are Umbria and Piedmont, but few people know that also Emilia Romagna, and in particular the area of ​​the surroundings of Reggio Emilia, produces an excellent truffle that is precisely defined truffle of Reggiano.

The varieties of truffles that can be found in Toano (with a little luck and the skills needed to research) 1280px-Truffles_white_Croatiaand throughout the province of Reggio Emilia are of course the prized white truffle also known as the Tuber magnatum and the officially called Black Truffle of summer, called by its latin name Tuber aestivum. The first has a lighter color and the price is generally much higher than its “little brother”. It has an intense flavor, with hints of garlic and almost spicy aftertaste. It can be used in many dishes, making them unique and tasty. The summer black truffle is brown and sometimes presents numerous warts on its surface (but may also be smooth) and its smell is pungent and biting, but the flavor is more delicate. it also enhances any dish, from eggs to rice dishes, from homemade pasta to meat, making each dish really unique and valuable. Both are used naturally also for a whole range of products such as flavored oils and sauces in conjunction with other ingredients such as cheese or mushrooms.

Periods of collection of these two main varieties of truffles vary considerably: you may find the white truffle from mid-September until mid-December, again depending on the season, temperature and rainfall, while the black truffle can continue even up the months of February and March, with more and more peaks in November and December.

It is right in November that Toano (and more precisely the fraction of Cavola) celebrate their main product with a special Truffle Festival, really a must for all lovers of this fragrant tuber and also for all those who are in the territory only passing by. To spend a day full of traditional flavors, with the funny and festive atmosphere that only a country fair can give, the Truffle Festival of Cavola is the perfect destination. It is usually held in the two central weekends in November and in particular the second and third Sundays of the month. Who will go around here even by accident will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent organization of this wonderful party, set up with booths and banquets of any kind where the shopkeepers from the country gather to sell and to taste their typical products.

Truffles of every type, size and dimension, the famous Parmigiano Reggiano, chestnuts, local wine, salami and many other products of the hinterland will be exposed to literally lose his head to all lovers of good food. Infact, Emilia Romagna is probably the region with the most interesting food and wine of the whole peninsula and the Truffle Festival of Cavola is a worthy representation.

In addition, the master truffle who will find the tuber of larger scope will be receive the “Golden Truffle” trophy and -of course- the truffle will be exposed just in one of the stand of the party.
You will not only find food and wine at the Truffle Festival of Cavola: this festival, which goes on regularly since 1988, also offers stands with small craft works and paintings by local artists and an orchestra that will brighten the lavish meals offered throughout the day .

The Reggiano truffle is part of the history and traditions of this land: in fact, already in 1820 he ruled the “hunt”, with fines and days in prison, as demonstrated by the order of the Community of Carpineti dated 26 January 1820. A unique and inimitable product that will make it even more special to stay in these areas.