The Matilde Path: tours through history and nature

le-due-querce-cenni-storici1 Italy is a beautiful land for nature lovers, for those who appreciate history and culture, for those who are always in search of breathtaking views, adventure and unique landscapes. Locanda Le Due Querce is located in an area rich in vegetation and paths surrounded by greenery, ideal for long walks that satisfy all tastes: either novices and families looking for simple and viable routes, or for the adventurous who want to explore the woods along the banks of our rivers and visit ancient villages.
The paths that make up the Matilde Path are of great artistic and cultural interest and they run between the old lines of the roads leading to the medieval castles of the Great Countess Matilde di Canossa and through wonderful villages surrounded by nature. You can choose among 5 beautiful routes, all in the area under Reggio Emilia and Modena and including in an area of ​​50 km surrounding the Locanda Le Due Querce.
The five routes can be explored with different variations and they allow to visit the cliff of Canossa, San Pellegrino in Alpe, castles, ancient churches, tower houses and the whole tradition of this region. The path in all its stages was built in 1998 and since then it has been constantly maintained with the help of the Italian Alpine Club section of Reggio Emilia. It is fully marked and signposted and you can navigate through paper guides, hiking maps and mobile applications. In 2014 it has also added two camping areas for the more adventurous.


  • 1st path CYAN-CASINA – the total route covers a distance of 25 kilometers and it takes 7 hours and a half on foot, but you can choose to cover only certain sections focusing on the most beautiful spots. These include the Canossa Castle and the castle of Rossena or the villages of Votigno and Bergogno.
  • 2nd path CASINA-CARPINETI – lasting 4:30 hours with a 14.8 km long route, this path connects two capitals of the Terre di Canossa, which are both well-equipped with reception services. Half way you can reach Marola with the historic abbey and the beloved chestnut festival in autumn.le-due-querce-cenni-storici4
  • 3rd path CARPINETI-TOANO – one of the shortest, this route only takes 2 hours and 40 minutes and it is 17 km long. From the castle of Carpineti (Papal seat) you get to the historic abbey of Toano to an artistic break through in pretty historic villages and tower houses with descent to the river Secchia.
  • 4th path TOANO-Gazzano – just under 5 hours and 18.5 km, this is a path for those who prefer mountain landscapes! The beautiful humpback bridge of Cadignano is a must see, and from there you can decide whether to continue on the Modena or the Reggio Emilia bank of the river Dolo.
  • 5th Gazzano-path SAN PELLEGRINO – we are finally in the mountains with a distance of almost seven hours to just under 20 km! The hardest stage of the 5 but undoubtedly spectacular, it must be covered with good weather and loads of energy and experience. This route follows the ancient route of the pilgrims and you can take a break in the shelter of San Leonardo.


It remains only to choose which direction to venture without forgetting that we are waiting for you at the Inn! Here you can rest in your room or on the deck, take a dive in the pool or have some refreshments or appreciate the traditional meals cooked with passion by our chef.


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