The medieval atmosphere of Fiumalbo, Christmas Markets and Festivals

Escape the boredom and the routine of work and everyday life and exploring the Emilia Romagna region means moving beyond the present to immerse themselves in a magical atmosphere. This is the case, for example of the village of Fiumalbo. Included in the list of Italy’s most beautiful medieval villages, this jewel is nestled between the woods and the mountain peaks of Cimone and Frignano. It owes its origins to the pre-Christian Celtic invasions, witnessed by the architectural presence of huts, housing characteristic elements of those populations, placed along the roads leading to the valleys at the foot of Cimon.

The Celtic presence in Fiumalbo

The presence of the Celts in this Region is still evident, for example from the use of sandstone in constructions. But the most characteristic thing are the faces of “Marcolfe” sculptured on houses, to exorcise evil spirits. The strong medieval atmosphere of the old town of Fiumalbo has its own charm, with historic buildings and churches, such as the Immacolata and San Bartolomeo. Must see are also the Museum of Sacred Art, the church of St. Catherine.

The traditional kitchen

The kitchen has also maintained its relationship with past and tradition. Tigelle are very special, typical local scones on which is stamped by tradition the esoteric Celtic rose. They take their name from the terracotta tiles in which they are baked in the oven. The parmesan cheese is typical of this area and you should try it grated on crispy and freshly made “borlenghi”. The black cabbage soup is also really good along with local wild mushrooms in the undergrowth. There are also excellent desserts made with almonds and chestnuts.

The Christmas markets


But the tradition lives again in the characteristic Christmas markets that are developed in the various cities of the territory, as well as in Reggio Emilia. During the festivity of December the 8th, for example, the historical towns of Rubiera, Scandiano, Cavriago, Casalgrande and Correggio welcome the picturesque stalls full of local crafts distinctive artifacts, along with local products.

You should also visit:

  • The Cicciolo d’Oro, held on the 11th of December in Campagnola Emilia where locals challenge themeselves to prepare the best cicciolo (fatty parts of the pig merged to obtain lard and toasted);
  • The event “A taste of Christmas” with tastings and specialties, on the 17th/18th of December in Casalgrande.

The Schola Cantorum of Canossa and the Christmas Concert

The Choir of Canossa, which since 23 years sings near the Nativity during the famous Christmas concert is a magical event. Founded in the 90s by some singers who used to sing together in the office of the Alpini, and renewed in time thanks to the young voices cultivated by the school, the choir and its Schola Cantorum have become famous throughout the world thanks to their concerts performed at many occasions and events.