The park of the Apennines and its villages

The National Park of the Apennines is a beautiful place surrounded by nature and characterized by very special hills: the shape of the area, in fact, managed to create a perfect balance of mountains, hills, forests, valleys and villages. The man has settled in this region in very ancient times, occupying the different provinces of the park and creating numerous and villages, which still retain their charm and traditions of the time.


La_NudaThe landscape of the National Park

The landscape of the park is extremely varied: the nature, absolute protagonist of the Apennines, creates a very complex geographical structure. From the high peaks of Mount Prado, Alpe di Succiso and Mount Cusna, with their grasslands at an altitude over 2,000 meters, you pass the fascinating forests filled with blueberries and woods famous for their oak trees. Going down the territory becomes more gentle and flat, with olive groves, vineyards and breathtaking hills. The passage of man hasn’t ruined the area: the ancient mule tracks and paved roads, in fact, have added to the Apennines an ancient charm.


The villages in the National Park

The small villages of the Park are a historical, artistic and cultural treasure of the Apennines: perched on the mountains or placed at the foot of the heights, these settlements emerge from the woods and are noted for the ancient walls belonging to medieval fortresses. You can see them in the distance through the cultivated land and the characteristic bell towers belonging to small village churches. In the past, the modernization has prompted many people to leave the villages of the Apennines, which still remain deeply attached to a purely rural economy. Recently, the villages have been recovered because of the great historical and artistic interest: this has led to a restructuring of the houses and a subsequent re-population, which had the merit of giving new life to a place secular traditions.

Among the many villages, the most interesting are: Borgo Apella in Licciana Nardi and villages Naggio and Vibbiana in San Romano in Garfagna. The village of Castiglione Garfagnana is very particular and famous for folk tales about witches and elves.


Autumn in the ApenninesLocanda-Due-Querce-Sagra-D-Ottobre2015

The area, known for its ancient traditions and folklore, in autumn turns to show all its beauty to tourists. Autumn is a season that, in the Apennines means above all colors and flavors. It’s the perfect time to taste the local products: the festivals of the country, during this time of year, are filled with delicious foods like the famous mushrooms of the Apennine woods, chestnuts and truffles. Not to mention the full-bodied wines. Everyone who loves good food, can not help but enjoy the typical dishes of the Apennines: just book a table in our Locanda and come have a taste of Italy!


Cerredolo and Festival October

The flavors and colors of autumn are one of their greatest expressions in the October Festival Cerredolo, one of the most charming villages of the Apennines: the event is held every year on 10 and 11 October and is a celebration of music, traditions and of course typical local dishes. But the October festival is not only about food: they organise various recreational activities, from bingo to the dialect plays in the square. Music lovers will be able to attend the concert of the band of Cavola, accompanied by a parade of fascinating wedding vintage dresses.