The rural villages of the Apennines

The Inn of the Two Oaks is nestled in the rural area of ​​the Emilia-Romagna region, specifically in Cerrodolo on the Secchia, near Toano. It is a magical place, surrounded by the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. It is rich in traditions, flavors, innovation but also of architectural references of renowned historical importance as towns and rural buildings.

A hike or a trip out in these areas is an opportunity to be able to combine the knowledge of an area that has ancient origins with the discovery of local food and wine, but not only, you also have the opportunity to relax in close contact with nature or focus on your passions, practicing various experiences such as hiking, fishing, horseback riding.

canossa-reggio-emilia-escursioniCastles, villages, complex patron of irresistible charm and ethereal places, where time never seems to be past, are ready to welcome the traveler who has the desire to immerse themselves in this area. Locanda Le Due Querce reopens on the occasion of Easter, on March the 27th, ready to welcome those who want to begin this period of spring with a trip with family or friends. With its location perfect for every need, it is a strategic place for the visit of this area, both as a starting point and as arrival. You can enjoy the history, the battles, the princely loves proceeding with a full itinerary while wandering around the villages.

Starting from the Canossa area, you can admire the scenery from the castle Rossena, situated on a volcanic cliff. Built from about 950, it is the only one to have preserved the original structure of real war machine. In the direction of Casina instead is Vercallo. The streets of this village makes it perfectly clear it still has the structure of a rural settlement with the private buildings preserved in the typical stone.

A natural terrace built on the western slopes of Mount Flea: the castle and the village of San Valentino are located in direction Castellarano. A whole medieval complex perched between the valleys of the Secchia and Tresinaro which preserves part of the original structure of the 960 built by the Emperor Otto II.

In the Toano area a short stop will take you to the village of Corneto, characterized by a bell tower from the streamlined structure that has origins in 1600. The adjoining church was restructured for the first time in 1620, in honor of St. Martin. It is in 1924 that the whole complex is reviewed and revised retaining arms and structure, and enlarging the church

If you want to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic position you must head towards the village of Montebello overlooking the upper valley of Enza. It has medieval origins and it is really impressive to walk the streets of this enchanted place, preserved in excellent condition with masonry buildings, towers, emblems and symbols of the time waiting to be rediscovered.