The snowshoe season returns to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

Walking through nature is an opportunity to catch, especially for those who want to get away from the daily routine.

Visiting the Locanda Le Due Querce you will have the opportunity to walk immersed in beautiful and uncontaminated scenery, breathing an unpolluted air.

The winter weekends are transformed into an excellent opportunity to discover the beauties of the area, in a fun but at the same time healthy.   

 The ideal clothing for a snowshoe ride in style!

Hikers and tourists are becoming more and more involved by the beauty of the natural world. To avoid being caught unprepared, we want to give you some tips to participate in a snowshoe hike:  2018-10-15-DueQuerce-Ciaspole-Trekking-Appennino

  • Do not use a cotton shirt. Why? Because it is a garment characterized by a hydrophilic fiber, able to retain liquids. It is also good to know that in a cold environment it is somewhat recommended to avoid a prolonged relationship between sweat and skin.  


  • Remember to dress in layers. The main purpose of ideal clothing for cold environments, when performing physical activities, is to maintain a thermal balance throughout the excursion. This is why it is important to “dress on onion”, to allow the body to react correctly to possible thermal changes.


  • Avoid ski pants. Certainly if you decide to do a snowshoe ride on the snow, you try to prefer an impermeable trousers but the technical clothing, in this case, is also rigid and cumbersome. The ski pants, in fact, is designed to protect the skier from abrasion and impact. The advice of Locanda Le Due Querce is to use technical winter trekking trousers, excellent in terms of impermeability and protection.  


  • Wear appropriate shoes. The ideal is to use winter trekking boots, which are high and rigid, suitable for thermal insulation and water repellency.  

Do not miss the fantastic initiatives organized by the Parco Appenino Tosco-Emiliano, for a winter to be experienced, full of sport and wellness!

  Visit the Locanda Le Due Querce, we are waiting for you!