The taste of the Apennines in Autumn

Locanda le Due Querce is situated in the heart of the Reggiano Apennines, a land rich of many valuable fruits, ready to surprise those who will come to visit and respect the beauty of these places. Raspberries, blacks and cranberries, wild strawberries, blackberries and juniper berries are the typical products of this land, of which the undergrowth and clearings are rich.

Locanda-le-due-querce-prodotti-autunno-reggio-emilia (2)Most of these plants bloom and offer their fruits between June and September, forming colonies on the sunnier edges of woods, in mountain and foothill environment. All the berries can be employed for the preparation of delicious cakes, rather than jams, liquors and even medicines. The beneficial properties of berries are many and this makes real boon, both for health and the palate.

For a breakfast rich in vitamins and taste the most delicious recipe remains the pancakes with berries: red currants, raspberries, whipped cream, blueberries, eggs, milk and a splash of maple syrup are the ingredients with which to carry a dish loved by young and old.

But the berries are not the only treasure of these fantastic lands: with the arrival of autumn, in fact, the great protagonist of the undergrowth and the boards of Emilia become the mushroom, and in particular the porcine. In early October, the Tosco Emiliano National Park will stage the fourth edition of the world championship of the mushroom, a special event to be held in conjunction with the national days of mycology and which will focus on porcini mushrooms.

The mushroom festival will take place in Cerreto Laghi on the 8th and 9th of October 2016 and the race will be won by those who have picked up three kilograms of mushrooms in the shortest possible time. The races will be two: one for the individuals, one for the teams. The challenge will be preceded by training the evening on the 8th of October, during which will be discussed the search and collection methods compatible with the environment and more generally of the universe and secrets of mushrooms.Locanda-le-due-querce-prodotti-autunno-reggio-emilia (1)

All those who want to take part in the race can register online by paying a fee of 30 € on portal. The appointment in Cerreto Laghi is set for Saturday, October the 8th at 4.30 pm. The lesson on good practices to be implemented in the woods will be delivered to all registered participants, and it will be followed by party and music with tastings of typical products, chestnuts and mulled wine. The race will be held on Sunday 9 at 8.00 am and will end at 12.00.

Crafts, food and wine markets will accompany the performance of the competition.