Typical italian products: from Parmigiano Reggiano to the Cotechino of Modena

Who would appreciate to spend a few days in a wonderful place surrounded by nature and far from the chaos? A small vacation to relax and distract from everyday life problems is something that everyone desires. But not only the mind must be pampered and refreshed. The bodyalso deserves to find some much-needed relaxation during the week. So why not spending an italian weekend surrounded by natural beauties and pleasures of our culinary traditions?

le-due-querce-parmigiano-reggianoFrom this point of view the Emilian area has no equal in Italy. The attention to the quality of food and wine and the courtesy and hospitality are always key elements of the whole region.

For those who want it all, a weekend to spend with traditional flavors is the most beautiful you can imagine. Discovering the province of Reggio Emilia from the parts of Canossa it will be impossible not to stop to taste the local products at our inn surrounded by nature where you can also sleep!

Among the must-see local products, there are certainly those dairy appreciated throughout the world as the Parmigiano Reggiano or Caciocavallo cheese of Canossa. These cheeses are our pride when it comes to dairy production in Italy; especially Parmigiano Reggiano, which is the real highlight. It will be literally impossible to resist the temptation to taste it, buying it right in the area where it is produced, so try the real flavor of the cheese most loved by Italians and beyond.

Another unmissable product in the Canossa area is the salami, still produced according to ancient techniques of the purest tradition, evident even from the shape, very different from that of the sausages which we are accustomed.

During a Gastronomic journey in the central Apennines you should undoubtedly taste also the cotechino sausage. Here, this is the symbol of the new year, but it has become part of a tradition no longer limited to Modena and it was extended to the entire territory. But the cotechino that you can buy in supermarkets has nothing to do with the typical product of Modena’s most famous. For this reason you can not and you must not give up a break to enjoy the true flavor of this Cotechino sausage, as well as the tradition of an area that made the pig an authentic culinary masterpiece.