Winter sports in Italy: the Reggian Appenine

Those who come to stay in the province of Reggio Emilia, at our inn ‘Le due Querce’ can take advantage, during the winter season, of a range of sports to practice on snow.

The surrounding area has recently become the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian because of its natural features that offer a variety of compounds landscapes, as well as also woods with clearings, hills and moors. This landscape is likely to be an ideal location for all the sport-addicted who wil find more different solutions capable of satisfying them.

This part of the Apennines is still little exploited from tourism, this makes it possible to live the exploration of these areas by going to their discovery and being amazed from their beauty.
During the winter, snow fall allows you to live a rich ski season choosing between different stations that differ from each other due to the characteristics.

reggio-emilia-locanda-attività-sciisticaWho loves being around people can choose those more popular locations as Cerreto Laghi, situated around a lake of glacial origin located at over thirteen hundred meters of its altitude on the slopes of Mount La Nuda. This resort is also equipped with an indoor ice rink that allows you to have alternatives to traditional alpine ski slopes.

Febbio 2000 in Villa Minozzo is defined as the highest balcony on the Apennines with ski lifts that reach up to two thousand meters on Mount Cusna where you can ski, thanks to brand new facilities and a wide range of slopes of varying difficulty and length.

Ventasso Laghi, is a place that has maintained a certain intimacy and which is suitable for all those skiers who want to ski without the obsession of traffic on the slopes.

Civago is perhaps the most famous resort in this part of the Apennines: it is usually visited during summer, bu t in the last few years it has been equipper also for the winter season, offering a small but modern ski resort.

Really nice is also Ospitaletto, where you can find small slopes where to entertain the little ones, without giving up its proverbial hospitality.

Last but not least it is to report the Sports Centre of Pianvallese Febbio where you can go cross-country skiing in a 3.5km ring, or you can go: hiking, practicing weg winter, snowshoeing and Nordic Walking.

Many are the attractions of this area that can draw the attention of tourists and vacationers staying at the Inn “Locanda Le Due Querce”06.