Easter in folk italian regional traditions

If you want to visit new places, discover new traditions, both cultural and culinary, or simply if you want to spend an alternative Easter period, then you just have to spend it in the province of Reggio Emilia. An area that has always offered many opportunities for recreation through the traditions and through its magnificent historical places.

A very interesting popular tradition, for example, is the Easter celebration of Castelnovo Monti: a town of 10,427 inhabitants, part of the province of Reggio Emilia, also considered the capital of the Reggio Apennines. Here the ‘scusìn’ takes place. A gastronomic and popular tradition, among the most popular and entertaining in the area, loved by everyone, both children and the elderly and above all by visitors.

What is SCUSIN?

le-due-querce-scusin-reggio-emiliaThe scusìn takes place at Easter where we challenge ourselves with hard-boiled eggs, usually colored in red.

Initially this used to happen in the churchyards of each village, and generally it was played both before and after the great mass. Now, however, a yard or a square can also be used as an arena, but it must however remain a public place.

Infact, this competition is a real opportunity to exchange greetings, have fun staying with friends and try some local habits. It is easy to find a small hut of scusìn at that time, in each village of the mountain of Reggio.

The rules of SCUSIN

There are few rules to follow to participate: just buy a scusìn and wait for the challengers who will have to line up, then start the game.

The first participant will use his egg to hit that of the challenger at his side, which, in turn, will have to hold his egg with his hands. Who will be able to break the egg of the other will win the match and will take the eggs in the loot of others, being able to continue the ride. When, on the other hand, he finds a challenger with a harder egg, he will have to leave his own to the new winner, keeping all those previously conquered. At the end of the tour, take the salt and shell all the eggs, eating them in company.

The formula unleashes competition and laughter, is very simple and allows many shifts, in a very short time.