Ferragosto: the perfect moment for a lovely escape

We can announce it with a loud voice: finally it’s Ferragosto! A day that, for many, means detachment from the daily routine and the possibility to enjoy some relaxing moments. If this is what you are looking for, do not miss the opportunity, visit the Locanda le Due Querce and you will not have to give up any comfort!

In Italy, we use to spend this day with friends and family celebrating (weather permitting) with lunches and dinners outdoors. But when did this tradition start? Let’s find out together!

The origins of Ferragosto

Ferragosto is a festival whose origin is very old. The term in fact derives from latin Feriae Augusti, literally translated as a repose of Augustus, in honor of the Emperor of Rome from which the name of the month of August derives.le-due-querce-ferragosto-2018

Currently it is celebrated on August 15th in Italy, in the Republic of San Marino and in the Canton of Ticino. In ancient times, as a pagan festival, it was celebrated on August the 1st. But the days of rest (and of celebration) were in fact many more: also the whole month, with day 13, in particular, dedicated to the goddess Diana.

How did the change happen? The Catholic Church, over time, has assimilated this custom: around the seventh century, it began to celebrate the Assumption of Mary, a holiday that was scheduled on August 15th.

Typical events of Reggio Emilia, during the period of August

  • Wheat Festival in Gattatico: very well known and very important, it is a real tribute to ancient crafts. It lasts about three weeks and involves some local activities, including: the cooking of Parmigiano-Reggiano, the threshing of wheat with vintage machines, the milling of corn, the kneading of hemp. Children and adults will be entertained by animations with the tractor towing race, games, music and dancing. The party will last until the 22nd of August!
  • Santinfesta di San Rocco in Sant’Ilario d’Enza: Popular festival for the San Rocco event with live music and lots of fun!


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