Locanda Le Due Querce: reopening with fantastic spring initiatives

With the sprouting of flowers the Locanda Le Due Querce feels the need to blossom!
From 31/03 begins a season full of surprises, with the reopening of our hotel-restaurant: the arrival of spring in fact increases the irrepressible desire to escape from the chaotic life of the city. There is no better solution than a placein the heart of nature, which thanks to its altitude offers visitors a breathtaking view!

The objective of The Locanda Le Due Querce is to offer to you a comfortable environment ideal for a relaxing escape, short or long. For this reason, besides being surrounded by plants with an unmistakable color and aroma, it is at the center of places where you can completely forget the daily routine.

Among the most reassuring and stimulating ideas could not miss the Thermal structure of Cervarezza, which allows its customers to benefit from both well-being and care, in agreement with the National Health Service.

A few steps from the centre of Cervarezza Terme there is the Fortino of Sparavalle: a structure built entirely with local stone, located in the municipality of Busana, considered of significant importance not only from the historical point of view but also architectural and artistic.

The small fort was built by the will of Duke Francesco IV, it can still be seen today along the main road. Thanks to its position on a small hill of 985 meters, it allows you to admire a vast view on clear days: you can look from the hills of Emilia up to the Po Valley, identifying – from west to east – Mount Ventasso, Cerreto, Cusna.

Le-due-querce-locanda-marzo18-1The Fortino of Sparavalle can be reached thanks to some easy to follow paths that wind both from the national road 63 and from the provincial road to Ramiseto. Given the importance of this cultural asset, the renovation work has been financed since 2003, aimed at preserving the ruins of the existing stronghold. Completed the consolidation, the project involves the construction of a structure with a panoramic platform, 7 meters high, which will allow you to reach the top of the walls.

The urban district of Busana is defined as a real natural balcony on the Secchia river valley and on the Ozola valley. Already with the Town Hall you can see an interesting example of Apennine architecture of the mid-nineteenth century, built with exposed stone walls.

From the Locanda le due Querce you can also visit the Church of S. Venanzio, built in 1932 on the hill once occupied by the ancient castle of the counts Dalli. From there it is worth going on to Ca ‘Manari, whose village consists of some rural buildings in stone and can be reached along a dirt road through the woods. This fact guarantees visitors to spend wonderful days, always immersed in nature.

If you have more time available, you can continue on the path that starts near a fountain made entirely of stone, arriving in just 15 minutes to Nismozza, an ancient village at the foot of Mount Ventasso, located to the left of the river Secchia. On the inside of the village there are fantastic artistic examples dating back to the 1700s and 1800s.

Do not stop at the view, choose to go beyond the borders and see the stars!
Since 10 October 2008 the astronomical observatory has been inaugurated, located in Costa Volpara in Cervarezza Terme, managed by the Gruppo Astrofili of Appennino Reggiano. It has a strategic location, free from any material limitations and attracts not only the walkers of the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines but also the dreamers.

The purity of the air free of polluting elements and with a rather low water vapor content will make you forget the stress of everyday life. Finally, the absence of artificial light sources does not compromise nocturnal observation.

We must not even hope to see a shooting star because we will take care of every wish!

Do you need a sweet escape from the monotony? Do you simply want to taste the typical Emilian specialties? Contact us for more information. We are waiting for you!