Cerredolo sul Secchia is a village in the municipality of Toano, a small mountain village in the province of Reggio Emilia, which, despite its only 4000 inhabitants, is rich in history, architecture and landscapes to explore.

le-due-querce-cenni-storici1One of the most significant and beautiful buildings to behold, the Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta is already mentioned in documents of 980 and is representative of the style that has mainly affected the territory: the Romanesque.

The historical memory also tells of a fortress, the Castel Pizigolo, which played a major role in the control of communications either in the Longobardic period and in the years that followed, under the rule of Bonifacio, father of Matilda of Canossa. In the second half of 1000, the presence of Matilde di Canossa influenced the architectural style of the area.

In more recent times, Toano is remembered for its active participation in the resistance during World War II, which led this small town to join, along with other neighboring countries, the partisan Republic of Montefiorino.