Montegibbio Caste: a fantastic place to discover

The strategic position of “Locanda Le Due Querce” allows you to visit the natural and architectural beauties of Emilia!
In less than an hour drive you can reach the famous Castle of Montegibbio, located in the city of Sassuolo. It was built on the hills of the Apennines, especially in the medieval village of Montegibbio, from which the name derives. It is thought that the first fortifications date back to the beginning of the tenth century. It is surrounded by a fantastic park in English style, immersed in a panorama among the most fascinating of the province of Modena.

On the 27 September 2002, the Montegibbio Park changed its name: currently it is called  Giuseppe Medici Park in honor of the illustrious local citizen: a very important man, as well as for his political commitment as Minister of the Republic, for the ability to convince the mayor of Sassuolo to acquire the castle and the park. The latter is rich in ancient trees and among the present species can be found: oaks, ash trees, hornbeams, chestnut trees and hazels.

An exciting visit during spring days

Currently visitors can access it and admire the beauty of the court. Through a sandstone and brick portal, you can access the village around the central courtyard, whose elliptical shape testifies to the adaptation to the hilly nature. In the courtyard there is the imposing medieval Mastio which preserves the original raised portal, the Palazzo statile and the church of San Pietro with a rich baroque interior.Le_due_querce-castello-montegibbio

The loss of many medieval elements occurred in 1501 following a terrible earthquake that led to almost total ruin. In 1636 the castle was ceded to the Boschetti family, who undertook to rebuild it. About two centuries later the wealthy Borsari family, originally from Finale Emilia, became the owner of the castle. The latter was mainly used as a holiday residence, where the last building interventions were carried out, still characteristic of the complex:

  • Extension and elevation of the marquis palace
  • Restructuring of interior spaces, decorated in an eclectic style
  • Construction of new service buildings

The restoration of the building was made according to the fashion of the time, with a union of different styles, keeping the “umbertino” taste predominant. Typically Italian, it belongs to the Eclectic period, which marked the second half of the 1800s and was configured as the nuance of the neobaroque style. The spread of this mode of expression lasted about twenty years, particularly from 1880 until 1895, interrupted by the spread of the Liberty style universally known as Art Nouveau.
This complex of buildings is considered one of the last bastions of feudalism in Italy.

The Castle of Montegibbio was acquired by the Municipality of Sassuolo and in minor altitudes by the municipality of Modena in 1972. In this area there are still many realities to be discovered.  Just near the castle was found a settlement of the Roman era and others finds are the testimony of even more remote encampments!

Do not let them escape! We are waiting for you!