Sally Ross and the first European Exhibition in Reggio Emilia

To complete your stay at “La Locanda le Due Querce” and don’t miss anything, we thought that you might appreciate a visit to the city of Reggio Emilia. In addition to the fantastic and famous places that are there, such as the Temple of the Beata Vergine della Ghiara and Palazzo Ducale, also the Maramotti collection is worth a visit.

Achille Maramotti, the founder, was an art lover and this strong attachment made it possible to create a place where tranquility and artistic works coexist.

From March 4 to July 29 2018 it is possible to visit the first European exhibition of the artist Sally Ross, entitled “Piece-by-Piece”. Thanks to the ability to evoke unknown and mysterious worlds, the show is summarized in 5 great works of the artist’s inner research. Painting is experienced as a way to find oneself. Entry to the exhibition is free during the opening hours of the permanent collection.


Le_due_querce-mostra-sally-rossSally Ross was born in New Jersey in 1965 and her productions recall some works of abstraction and informal art.

Currently the artist works at her studio in New York, where she manages to express her inner world. The remarkable potential of this woman is emphasized by the ability to break up, reassemble, dispose canvases and fragments of fabrics. The works of art are based on sensations and emotions, always changing: when she decides to create a work, the artist does not know the final result from the beginning. The latter can continuously undergo changes, thanks to the addition or removal of some parts.

Sally Ross is presented as a dynamic artist with great skills, including that of producing several works at the same time. When she thinks she has finished one she leaves it pending for a period of time, so that it can be deconstructed and remodeled. “Quuequeg”, for example,it is a work whose realization was made possible thanks to 4 recompositions.

The production is closely linked to fragments of personal life represented artistically, including for example “Goodbye Old Friend” able to tell a real story. Sally Ross had the habit to wear always the same shirt for painting for a long time, considering it a fortune-holder. Following a wrong drying, it has shrunk considerably and couldn’t be worn anymore. The brilliant idea was to use an object that was very fond of a fantastic work of art! The precision of the seams and the impulsiveness of the brushstrokes have the ability to evoke the sensations felt during the realization in the spectator.

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