Locanda-Le-Due-Querce-Giardino (5)For fans of sports and nature, Toano territories offer beautiful landscapes to admire and explore. The Matilde Path, so called because inspired by the places visited by the Grand Duchess Matilde of Canossa, is one of the most interesting nature trails for hiking enthusiasts and mountain bike; It features seven stages that connect the main towns of the Apennines.

If you are experienced hikers, however, you should definitely try the Path of Balze di Malpasso: a glimpse of nature supervised by the Group of Toanesi Hikers. This place offers the opportunity to experience the nature of the area by climbing down a cliff of Malpasso, venturing on a wooden and rope suspension bridge, getting to the ancient thermal springs of Quara at the end of a climb.


A few kilometers from Toano you can reach one of the most fascinating attractions for expert hickers and families: the Cerwood adventure park. The park is located in a natural area and offers a variety of trails through beech trees and sources of mineral water. A unique experience to live with the whole family! For more information please visit


For those who want to walk and live in nature…

You will find nearby beautiful trails to be explored set in corners of exceptional beauty, carefully marked by the IOC runners and organizations that operate in our territories. Nature plus the artistic offerings from our Apennines Tosco Emiliani: castles realized with the typical Matildica architecture (which despite their one thousand years still keep all the charm that distinguishes them ) and the Bismantova Rock, a meteorite that, even after millions of years, still exudes an extraterrestrial beauty full of history. 


For those who want to fish…

Two kilometers from the Locanda you will find the place where our three rivers Secchia, Dolo and Dragone cross creating an ideal place for fishing even for the most demanding enthusiasts. Kilometers of rivers where there are corners of rare beauty.