The Modena markets: the best way to welcome Christmas

In December the big cities are filled with lights and colors, to welcome in a loud voice the most awaited party of the year: the Christmas. Spending a period of complete relax, away from the daily routine, at the Locanda Le Due Querce, take the opportunity to live with us a fantastic initiative: the Christmas markets of Modena.

The Christmas markets are housed in one of the most elegant and fascinating corners of the city, the famous Mazzini Square. You can give yourself or give a special gift, unique in its kind, made thanks to the manual skill of expert craftsmen who devote with dedication and passion to their work.

What will you find?

You will have the pleasure of attending an enchanted village, unique in its kind.. There will be waiting for you at various stands ready to offer you gourmet and crafts products.2018-11-21-Le-Due-Querce-Blog-Natale

Thanks to your stay at Locanda Le Due Querce you will have the chance to take a trip through the traditions of Central Italy and beyond.

Wonderful pictures, hand-painted ceramics, cute puppets, hand-crafted wooden objects, precious fabrics and much more .. Decorate your home or that of a loved one, thanks to a unique and inimitable gift.  

When are the markets available?

The Modena Christmas markets are ready to welcome visitors on the following weekends of the month:

  • 2 and 3 December
  • 8.9, 10 December
  • December 16th and 17th
  • 21, 22, 23 and certainly could not miss to live with you the fantastic Christmas’Eve.

In addition to the exceptional Mazzini Square street markets, you will find in Viale Martiri della Libertà, the “Gifts in the living room” craft show, which offers vintage clothing, objects and typical products to look for Christmas presents among imaginative and original proposals.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the magic of this holiday, tasting the fantastic Christmas menu at Locanda Le Due Querce. This year we let ourselves be taken from the palate and we decided to offer typical dishes with an exceptional flavor, including: cold cuts with fried dumplings, cappelletti

in capon broth and beef, green tortelli with seasoned bacon and parmesan cheese, the delicious roasted baked capon, unique and unmistakable desserts.

We will let you discover the rest: WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!