The Palazzo Ducale in the wonderful city of Modena

In order not to miss anything for a fantastic stay in which relaxation and excursions can be found pleasantly, Locanda Le Due Querce has decided to suggest you a fantastic visit to the city of Modena.
Palazzo Ducale, an exceptional destination to spend a day immersed in history and nature, was the seat of the Estense Court between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries and from 1861, famous year of the Unification of Italy, houses the prestigious military academy.

The beauty and structure of the building

The reconstruction of the building dates back to 1634, in the place where there was an ancient castle built in 1291 by Obizzo d’Este and placed on the edge of the city. The majestic façade, lightened by the chromatic play of the marbles, has recently been restored and is currently sided by two side towers and the central one, of larger dimensions.

Le-Due-Querce-palazzo-ducaleThe presence of the statues is essential for the presentation of the facades. The position is also not accidental, it is an overview of a historical journey: the seventeenth-century works are positioned from the right to the center; date back to the early twentieth century instead those on the left, by Giuseppe Graziosi.

To proceed with the visit of the Palazzo Ducale, from the central door you can access the Sacrario, whose inauguration took place by Vittorio Emanuele III in 1929. You can observe the historical elements on the walls, on which the names of the soldiers were engraved fallen following the various wars for the defense of the homeland, Italy.

The palace remained unfinished for a long period of time and was completed only during the nineteenth century.

According to some experts, this is the first baroque example in Europe, thanks to its imposing appearance, rich in artistic and historiographical elements. In addition to the charm of the building, there is the courtyard: quadrangular, full of architectural elements including the serlianas, thanks to which you can admire round arches, flanked by two openings supported by an architrave. On the left you can access the majestic staircase of honor, with ramps that are screwed in a square climb on the walls of which you can see statues from Villa d’Este in Tivoli. It is assumed that it was built to be passable even on horseback.

How visit the Palazzo Ducale

Currently it is possible to access the Palazzo Ducale thanks to a guided tour, which can be booked at the IAT office in Piazza Grande or online. The guided tour starts from the Cortile d’Onore, characterized by a large atrium and continues in the Museo dell’Accademia. Visitors will be able to admire the ballroom, the throne room and the golden sitting room.

The paintings that can be admired today are owned by the Military Academy and the Superintendence for the Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Recently they have been selected and repositioned on the basis of precise historical requirements and military characteristics.
The most recurring authors are nineteenth-century portrait painters almost always teachers at the Academy of Fine Arts of Modena, charged with carrying out family portraits.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Palazzo Ducale and the wonderful city of Modena.

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