Visits and excursions: the routes of Reggio Emilia

If you love walking, cycling or simply being immersed in nature, we have the chance to make your dreams come true!
We are waiting for you at the Locanda le Due Querce, where you’ll have the opportunity, especially in the month of August, to discover itineraries and natural landscapes very close to the center of Reggio Emilia.

Don’t miss the fantastic opportunity to explore the routes of Reggio Emilia!

Discovering the routes of the Reggio Emilia 


What are they?

They are cycle-pedestrian routes, perfect to spend some time with friends, family looking for a little ‘of serenity. Come to Reggio Emilia and discover many places and natural wonders, including:

  • The Park of Crostolo, of about 600 hectares, includes public parks, residential areas and cultivated land. It is certainly a peaceful place, beloved by the inhabitants of Reggio Emilia and beyond.
    The route is equipped with parking areas, lighting systems, informative and educational panels to help you learn something new about the territory, being completely immersed in nature. The beauty of the Crostolo Park is unique and is characterized by the presence of numerous woods and meadows.
  • The Park of Rodano has a size of about 400 hectares, and embraces the city of Reggio Emilia towards the east. It is characterized by the unmistakable charm of Mauriziano, the fifteenth century villa on the shore of the Rhone, where the famous poet Ludovico Ariosto stayed for long periods.
  • The Park of Modolena, distinguishes from the previous ones for the historic Villa Levi, an eighteenth-century noble residence with a high historical-cultural value. The villa is characterized by the imposing metal dome and a vast colonnade visible on the southern front. The Modolena Park is an area of ​​considerable landscape value: visitors can then take the 6 km long “greenway of Modolena” route, which allows visitors to visit the park following the stream, meeting along the route areas of historical and naturalistic interest. The first part of the greenway allows you to connect Pieve Modolena and the village of Case Vecchie di Pieve, through a lovely path with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The itinerary can be covered on foot or by bicycle.
  • The Park of Acque Chiare, is the subject of a project for the improvement of urban agriculture and the increase of the arboreal heritage of the city. In fact, during the course of 2018, the Parco of Acque Chiare was enriched with a new urban vegetable garden with an adjoining orchard of ancient varieties and a small experimental area, created in collaboration with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

And now you just have to do it .. go along! We are waiting for you!